Tony Robbins

Anthony “Tony” Robbins (born February 29, 1960) is an American self-help author and motivational speaker. He became well known through his infomercials and self-help books, Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement and Awaken The Giant Within.

Robbins writes about subjects such as health and energy, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships. Robbins began his career learning from many different motivational speakers, and promoted seminars for his personal mentor, Jim Rohn.

He is deeply influenced by neuro-linguistic programming and a variety of philosophies. Robbins’ books include Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement and Awaken The Giant Within. Awaken the Giant Within is cited as the #3 best selling self help book of all time.
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Recommended books by Tony Robbins: Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within
Robbins’s work has been featured in major media including Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Life, GQ, Vanity Fair, Business Week, Tycoon and Success magazines, the CBS Evening News, NBC News, ABC’s Prime Time Live, Fox News, CNN and A&E as well as newspapers, radio programs, and Internet media worldwide. Robbins has been mentioned or featured in 15 major motion pictures, including a cameo role in the hit movie “Shallow Hal.” In 2007, he was named to Forbes magazine’s “Celebrity 100” list.  His programs have reached over 4 million people from 100 countries around the world.

Anthony Robbins was ranked among the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World” by Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change. Robbins has spoken at Harvard Business School and was ranked by the school among the “Top 200 Business Gurus” (Harvard Business School Press, 2003).


Robbins began his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn. According to Robbins, Jim Rohn taught him that “happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life.”

Later Robbins began his own work as a self-help coach. He taught neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis after training with NLP co-founder John Grinder. In 1983, Robbins learned to firewalk from Tolly Burkan and began to incorporate it into his seminars.[16][17]

Robbins promoted his services as a “peak performance coach” through his books and TV infomercials, gaining strong public recognition and lucrative sales. He conducts a large range of seminars and live events around the world dedicated to achieving greatness in his participants by unleashing their personal power and helping them align their values with their individual life goals.

In 1997, Robbins began the Leadership Academy seminar, in which participants learn to “create an identity for them self as someone who can help ‘anyone’, no matter what his/her challenge may be.” Robbins is a featured speaker on the seminar circuit sponsored by Learning Annex. Robbins appeared as a featured speaker at the 2007 Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference. His talk is among the TOP TEN TED TALKS.


Tony Robbins has published two best-selling books, Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.

Unlimited Power, published in 1987, discusses the topics of health and energy, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships.  One reviewer called the book “uplifting and idealistic.” while another said it’s “too wordy” and “reads like a transcript of a series of talks.” Other reviewers dispute the book’s originality, pointing to ideological similarities with Maxwell Maltz, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie, all of whom Robbins acknowledges in his book. Some have criticized the chapter called “Energy: The Fuel of Excellence” which includes information on food combining, lymphology, and deep breathing to promote health. Robbins makes reference to the book Fit for Life and its authors, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, whom he refers to as his “former partners”. The National Council for Reliable Health Information wrote a critical review of the chapter and called his sources unreliable.

Awaken the Giant Within , published in 1992, was an expansion of his personal development techniques and strategies taught through a motivational self-help type approach. Robbins made the distinction between his techniques, coined as Neuro-Associative Conditioning as unique from Neuro-Linguistic Programming because the trademarked difference is defined by the application of “conditioning” to a newly learned personal development technique and/or skill or strategy rather than “being programmed” and suggest-ably fixed once and for all by someone else who had more power than the individual to make a change.

In his book, Awaken the Giant Within, Robbins recalls meetings with various celebrities, saying he was a student of their success. People he mentioned were Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, and Princess Diana.[84] During Robbins’ infomercials, he had celebrity appearances by Fran Tarkenton, Pamela Anderson, Quincy Jones, Erin Brockovich and Anthony Hopkins. Robbins stated that they came without any compensation.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton invited Robbins, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Steven R. Covey to a meeting at Camp David. All parties “refused to divulge the substance of their meeting with the Clintons.

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