Does Laughing Make You Live Longer? Fountain of Youth?

Does Laughing Make You Live Longer?
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So you are here because you are wondering; does laughing make you live longer? Well believe it or not, there are already researches done on this topic.

Researchers have discovered that the typical grown-up laughs roughly 17 times per day. A few reports have actually stated that laughing could be a excellent workout as well. It’s estimated that a healthy laughing session may be comparable to a number of minutes on the actual rowing machine or even the fitness bike.

Does Laughing make you Live Longer by Working You Out?

Apart from working out your diaphragm, abdominal muscle, respiratory system, facial, and back muscles…your blood pressure level will be reduced, and your heart rate will increase in the process. Ever laugh so much that it hurts? You now know exactly why. You are really working out!

Humor, particularly laughter will help maintain our body systems strong and also disease resistant. Laughter is also important to the psychological health and the way we deal with stress and fear.

A great laugh can exercise numerous muscles of the body and will cause your brain to produce endorphins.  These types of feel  good brain chemicals increase both the mood and our coping capabilities. Occasionally things don’t seem to be as negative any time we looked from a humorous perspective.

The actual strength of humor and laughter can be seen after you learn how to utilize it under emotional stress. This keeps things within perspective, help eliminate negative emotions, and also places you within the mindset to deal with the situation. You will usually have emotional stress within your lifestyle.

To apply laughter successfully to cope with stress, you must know your own personal sense of humor and just how willing you are to have fun.  Have a humor approach, and practicing making use of laughter skills until they are comfortable.

does-laughing-make-you-live-longer-laughingDoes Laughing Make You Live Longer? by Applying Humor and Laughter Efficiently?

Here are some things you can do:

* Increase the laughter in your lifestyle: make an effort to have amusing things. When there is someone in your life that can make you giggle, hang out with them more often.

When you feel good right after seeing a funny movie, go see a lot more funny movies; try to read the comic strips inside the newspaper. Learn what works best for you by trying out new things.

* Discover the “funny” in everyday life: People don’t need to laugh loudly in order to find something humorous, but you will identify the sorts of humor that you are more comfortable with.

* Create a humor strategy: Create a list of stuff that occur frequently which typically trigger your stress levels. Write these points down so you will have a good idea of the actual kinds of things you should overcome with humor.

You will furthermore need a “happy” list, or anything that makes you content or perhaps makes you laugh. If you need to cope with the stresses, overcome it using the methods associated with humor.

Additionally, we should identify the distinction between healing humor and damaging humor. Humor is the capacity to find what is actually comical or perhaps amusing. Humor utilizes meaning, motion, position, size or association to express the amusing. However, not all sense of humor encourages well-being and is therapeutic. Damaging humor is insensitive, harmful and exclusive.

This ridicules, slanders, belittles and sets people down. The phrase laugh with someone instead of at them is a great principle to live by. Keep in mind, even during the most challenging times, a laugh or even a smile can easily lift your spirit and function wonders in aiding and healing you and also people surrounding you.

Make laughing an everyday exercise, and you will have your own fountain of youth!

So does laughing make you live longer? You Becha!! Billy Bob Buster!!! (don’t even know where that came from, lets get a great laugh about that! lol)