Don T. Mai

Don T. MaiDon T. Mai born July 1978. Creator of Embellished Minds. (addicted to personal growth, loves to share and connect to help empower each other).

Interest in psychology, meditation, mindset training, , Tai Chi, Yoga, time travel, aliens, and things that would just shake the core foundation principles and beliefs that hold our world together (sounds kinda serious).  

I believe that everything in this world happens for a reason and everything that comes into our life is at perfect timing.  No matter how you got here, I truly believe that you have attracted yourself here…to possibly find new ideas to help remind you of who you truly are, and what you are capable of.

“Every thought and emotion has a specific frequency of energy. This energy radiates
from our mind and heart out to the universe, which attracts itself to more like energy.”

My name is Don T. Mai and I would like to personally welcome you to one of my passion.

“The question is not if you are living your life the right or wrong way,
but are you living your life consciously in a state of awareness, where
life and creation will always exist.”





Going back 12 years ago when I first bought my personal development course, “Personal Power” from Tony Robbins, I now understand why the journey to personal growth is so difficult for most people.  Back then I was full of energy and like a sponge I wanted to constantly learn about anything that would contribute to my life.

I remembered the days of listening to the audio CDs in my car at the parking lot of my university, repeating affirmations out LOUD like some crazy kid with Tourette syndrome.

I did this for about 3 days and stopped, I was never really into it because I didn’t feel it, they were just words to me.  I knew something was missing but really couldn’t figure it out.

I did get some value out of Tony’s program, but at that time I felt that I didn’t get all the value of what I’ve paid for the program.  It wasn’t that the product didn’t have helpful information, it was just that It didn’t have all the information packaged in a way for people to absorb it fully.

Personal development is a “process” and there are many key elements you must understand to give you the foundation and tools to make it easy for you to learn and grow.  It’s very much like learning how to read.  To read you first must learn the alphabets, sounds of letters, then learning simple words, moving on to writing of vocabulary, and then eventually working on reading comprehension.  Once you have master these skills in that particular order, you can then read anything!

Most people don’t get the full value out of their personal development courses because they don’t fully understand, absorb, and actually don’t have the foundation to make sense of the materials.  You must learn and understand the basic foundation of the personal development puzzle to make sense of everything.

So through my years of observing and analyzing I came up with the 3 key elements that everyone must learn and understand as the foundation for personal growth.

The 3 Elements to Personal Growth:

* Consciousness: this is probably one of the most confusing and sometimes deceptively simple term that people don’t fully understand.  It is one of the key elements in personal growth.

* Beliefs: are what makes up the structure of your life, all your thoughts spawn from beliefs and emotions follow those thoughts which leads to actions.  Understanding of what your beliefs are is the key for any lasting changes.

* Power of Intentions: once you are conscious of what you are doing, and are aware of your beliefs then you can use the power of intention to achieve anything.

These are the 3 key elements to achieving anything in your life.  This may seem simple on the surface but within each elements there are concepts and laws that you must learn to make them effective.  Fully understanding these concepts won’t happen over night, it will take dedication, persistent, patients, and an ongoing honest self-evaluation.

“To master oneself, is to have an awareness of our physical mind, consciousness, and beliefs.”


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