Darryl Anka

Darryl AnkaBashar: is an internationally known channeller, speaker and author with sales of over 300,000 books in Japan.

Anka claims that he began to communicate, through trance-channeling, with an extra-terrestrial entity called Bashar in 1983. He describes Bashar as existing in a parallel reality, in a time frame that we perceive as the future. The monologues and dialogues with Bashar cover a wide range of topics including human psychology, planetary evolution, metaphysics and, of course, extra-terrestrials…

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Darryl started his Hollywood career as a visual and special effects artist who has worked on, among many others, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I Robot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Die Hard 4 and Iron Man. After that he started working as a producer and writer.
Anka appeared in the 2008 documentary Tuning In alongside other notable channels such as Lee Carroll.

Occasionally, Anka will act as a guest speaker in conferences related to issues such as ET contact. Anka has also channeled other entities, and the entity Bashar has also been channeled by other mediums.

Anka’s channeling sessions, private and public, are usually recorded and many have been compiled into various books and audio-visual material. His first book, The New Metaphysics, includes Q&A sessions with Margot Chandler, Ph.D., and was edited by Rosemarie Hopf-Weichel, Ph.D.


  • The New Metaphysics by Darryl Anka (1987) California: Light & Sound Communications Inc.
  • Blueprint for Change by Darryl Anka (December 1990) New Solutions
  • Quest for Truth: 100 Insights That Could Change Your Life by Darryl Anka and Steve Meyers (1st edition, December 1997) Nobul

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