Mind Movie

Mind Movies is a phenomenon popularized from the Law of Attraction. The idea is to use visualization to help you attract anything that you may desire in life.

Mind Movies How Do They Work?
Mind Movies act as visual representation of your perfect life. Your best self. Your HIGHEST self, and in the places that matter most…the life that you would really love to be living. You make the movies by either using a video editing program or the popular Mind Movie software.

The Mind Movie software simply works with you to help you collect all of the visual and verbal messages that you need to make your manifestation complete. The images and messages that you’ve created become a fully functional “mini-movie” that you watch twice a day….programming your mind ( and the Universe) with crystal clear clarity, intention and desire to manifest the life you’ve created on screen.

Does it Work?

creative_visualizationIt sounds a bit hokey to admit…but it works amazingly well! The fact is, no matter HOW skeptical you may be, the great universal truth is that your inner world is a direct manifestation of the outer world around you. Mind Movies turn your deepest desires…..into a Universal rumbling of reciprocity and reward.

Your thoughts have energy. Intention has energy. What you BELIEVE…becomes. Look around you. The people who believe this most…HAVE the most. Their power is palpable. Their potential limitless. Their path is one of passion and purpose.  Mind Movie is a tool that works well along with the positive energy of “gratitude” and “beliefs”.  Creating a Mind Movie is a great place to start when it comes to practicing the law of attraction and manifestation.

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Here are some examples of different types of Mind Movies:

Law of Attraction:

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Manifesting Wealth Affirmation

Attracting Money:

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