Power of Intention: The Secret Weapon

What is Power of Intention? And how could it help my Life? These are two simple questions, with powerful answers that has helped millions of lives.  When I use the word “intention” in this article I don’t mean how people “intend” to get in shape but never stopped eating excessively , or how they “intended” to accomplish something but never even got started. The word “intention” used here means something that you truly want and are passionate about, and are ready to put out the necessary effort to attract it into your life.

The Power of Intentions also known as the Law of Attraction or The Secret.  It’s main concepts are based on energy frequencies and the laws of magnetic forces.  The idea is not hard to understand but can be confusing for some people because it’s concepts go beyond the ordinary human rationality.

3 Key Elements to Power of Intention:

These are 3 key elements and processes to make the Power of Intention work for you.

Thought: Scientific research has already proven that all things are energy, and everything in our universe has a specific frequency.  Our mind is like a radio broadcaster, every thought emits a special frequency of energy.  Positive thoughts of love, joy, gratitude, and happiness are examples of higher frequency thoughts.  Thoughts of fears, doubts, worries, segregation, and hate are some examples of lower frequency thoughts.

What ever energy frequency you broadcast through your thoughts, you will attract more of it through the laws of magnetic forces also known as the Law of Attraction.  This is why when you start out your day positively, then the rest of your day seems to just flow through with ease, and everything seems to “attract” your way.  It’s the same when you start out your day with negative energy, then you will find a run of bad luck heading your way.

Athlete’s are known to use the power of intention and thought to help them compete.  They practice visualizing how they want their performance to be, and how they would win over their competition.  This technique is to help emit energy of winning within them and to open the possibilities of attracting more of that “winning” energy”.

All achievements, all earned riches, have
their beginning through thought.

Napoleon Hill

Belief: As human beings we have thousands of random thoughts running through our head everyday, it would be a crazy world if all our thoughts came true!  This is where our “belief system” kicks in to help filter out all those crazy thoughts.  For example, If you were going through your day, and suddenly fall into a fantasy daydream of you traveling the world in your private jet and having servants feeding you grapes and giving you a manicure at the same time, that is a “thought” that has a specific frequency.

That thought then runs through your “belief system” to check if it is congruent with what you truly believe is possible.  If your beliefs are; that is not really possible, it is just a fantasy, then your thoughts won’t emit that energy fully.  For your thought to fully emit its energy, it must be congruent with your beliefs.

“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a
function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs
Tony Robbins

Feelings: Is the last key component in fully activating the Power of Intention.  It starts out with a thought, then truly believing in that thought.  The last part is to focus on the positive feelings relating to that thought.  You can focus on how it would feel to get what you want, and how you are grateful in achieving or receiving what you want.  Look back in your life when you really wanted something and you eventually got it, through continuous thought of it.  You probably spent most of your time researching about it to find any related information.  You would think about it all the time and think about how it would feel to have it.

Athletes are the same way, fighters would go to the rings before the actual fight and play out the actions and feelings they would feel when they win.  Car enthusiast would go test drive their dream car, to know how it would exactly feel to own it.  Everyone that ever accomplished their goals or attained their life’s desires have used the Power of Intention whether they knew it or not.

Power of Intention Can Help:

* to be more focused
* to be more creative through imagination
* to be more motivated
* allows synchronicity into your life
* clarity of goals and desires
* open new doors of opportunities

How to Use the Power of Intention

The Power of Intention is always working in our lives whether we noticed it or not.  Have you ever thought of someone who you have not talked with for a long time, then all of a sudden they called you that day or bumped in to you?  Or events that you called “coincidences”, are all examples of the Power of Intention at work.  It was either you or the other person emitting that thought energy that attracted that scenario.

The Power of Intention can manifest thoughts either immediately or through lag time depending on how strong of an energy we are emitting.  Energy frequencies can be enhanced through continuous thought or through meditation.  This is why you see everyone that has ever reached their goals or  life’s dreams has the same character in common.  They all were passionate about what they wanted, they think about their desires all the time, even when they eat, sleep, or some may say even when going to the can!

To use the Power of Intention you must know what you truly want, and why you want it.  It works best if you are able to write down your desires and the reasons why you want it.  Details are key when describing your desires.  It’s very much like building a house, you would need a detailed blueprint of what to build, if you didn’t have a clear blueprint, the builders would not be able to build it for you.  Most people think they know what they want, but they never take the time to go over the details.

If you wanted a new car, then what kind? What color would it be? What’s the interior like?  How does the leather seat smell? How does it feel to drive it? How much does it cost exactly? How do you feel when sitting in it?…If you wanted more money, how much do you want specifically? Do you want residual income? How much more a month do you want?  Why do you want it? What will you be using your money for? What do you intend to do for it? Working out the details not only clarifies what you really want, but most of the time this process can open doors for ideas to help obtain that desire.

For example people usually say they want more money!  They don’t really know exactly how much, but they know they just want more.  Well this doesn’t help at all because it’s just like telling a construction company you want a house but don’t really know exactly how you want it to look like.  Let’s say you get specific and  wanted $10,000 within the next 6 months to go on a dream vacation.  You really want to go on the dream vacation but just don’t really know how it is possible.

After reading this article you thought you might have some fun trying out the Power of Intention.  You write down all the details of your desire, you know that you want $10,000 within the next 6 months to go on your dream vacation.  You write down where you want to go and do some research online to find more information about your vacation spot.  You fill your senses with excitement from all the pictures and videos that you have found.  You also will break down the amount of money that you think you need.  For example if you divided up $10,000 that you need by 6 months then you would have to make $1,666 per month to reach your goal.  Divide that number by 4 weeks is $417/week and divide that number by 7 days is $60/day.

Breaking down what you want in details will help you to see it in other perspectives.  Ten thousand dollars may seemed like a large amount of money but $60 certainly is workable.  The Power of Intention also allows ideas and creativity to flow through you.  During this detailed “research” you might find new travel deals that would allow you to cut down your cost or come up with new ideas of how to make that extra $60/day, or just simply  find a way to save that amount per day to reach your goal.  There are other possibilities that the money can come to you through unexpected sources that you would have never thought of.  The key is to not have any expectations and to use the Power of Intention as a guide to help clarify what you truly want, to help open doors for the many different possibilities of it attracting into your life.

“Our intention creates our reality.”

Wayne Dyer

The Power of Intention is a natural law of our universe very much like the Law of Gravity. Whether we fully understand it or not it is still always working for us.  The life style that we live right now is a collective of all our beliefs and thoughts manifesting itself through the Power of Intention.  Now that you understand how this power works, you can use it to accomplish any goals, attain any life’s desires, travel to any places, and be who ever you wish to be!  Have fun, and ENJOY!!
by Don T. Mai