Escape the Prison of Your Own Mind

(more on Eckhart Tolle)
Escape the Prison of Your Own Mind – our physical mind was designed to interpret and give meanings to our life’s scenarios through all our beliefs.  Our lives are made up with a set of beliefs that we render as absolute truth to our reality.  These beliefs generate repetitive pattern of thoughts in our minds which make up our life.

It’s these everyday “chattering” that is going on in your head that is causing you to drift through life without control.  You can take back your life by learning how to reach your higher consciousness!

To reach this state you must learn how to live in the NOW.  It’s in that “moment” of stillness is when you are in a state of “awareness”.  The MOMENT, AWARENESS, and CONSCIOUSNESS is all one energy.

We all live our lives thinking about the past and what we must do in the future, neglecting and having “no” time for the “MOMENT”.  Learning how to live in the NOW to have access to “awareness” and “higher consciousness” is the KEY to LIFE!