_Watch Videos:

(Personal Development Mentors)

Tony Robbins
John Maxwell
Timothy Ferriss

Jim Rohn
Napoleon Hill

Jack Canfield
Stephen Richards Covey
Les Brown

Zig Ziglar
T. Harv Eker

(Consciousness & Spirituality Masters)

Eckhart Tolle
Wayne Walter Dyer
Alan Wilson Watts
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Gregg Braden
Thich Nhat Hanh

Deepak Chopra
Darryl Anka – Bashar
Dalai Lama
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Bruce Lipton
Osho: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


_Embellished Web Videos

People Are AWESOME
2012 – A Message of Hope (25min)
Girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes
Did YOU Know?
Look at Yourself after Watching This!
The Greatest Show on Earth! – Music Video
A Gift from the Secret Scrolls

How to Meditate
The Meditation FlashMob, “MedMob”
Free Hugs Campaign
Joe Rogan – What is Reality?
The Secret Visualization Tool
Music and Life – by Alan Watts

_Personal Development

Shift Your FocusAnthony Robbin
Tiny Changes Means Hugh Results
Clarity & Purpose - Anthony Robbins
How to Follow Through With Your Goals
The Power of MomentumA. Robbins
Must vs ShouldsAnthony Robbins
The Power of GoalsAnthony Robbins
Keys to Unlimited Success - A. Robbins
Secret to Make Learning EasyA. Robbins
Wealth MasteryAnthony Robbins
Definiteness of Purpose P1Napoleon H.
Master Mind Alliance P2Napoleon Hill
Going the Extra Mile P3Napoleon Hill
Applied Faith P4Napoleon Hill
Pleasing Personality P5Napoleon Hill
Self Discipline P6 - Napoleon Hill
Cultivating Creative VisionNapoleon Hill
Learn from AdversityNapoleon Hill
Les Brown 6 Part Series
The Power of ChangeLes Brown

Challenges to PursueJim Rohn
The Only Thing That MattersJim Rohn
Setting GoalsJim Rohn
Cultivate an Unshakable Character - Jim Rohn
You Can’t Blame Everything - Jim Rohn
Personal Development to Greatness - Jim Rohn
How to Start a BusinessTim Ferriss
The Four Hour WorkweekTim Ferriss
21 Irrefutable Laws of LeadershipJonh Maxwell
The Law of PrioritiesJohn Maxwell
How to Accelerate Your End ResultJack Canfield
Making Your Dreams Come TrueJack Canfield
The Power of ChoiceStephen Covey
Do the BIG Rock First - Stephen Covey
The 8th HabitStephen Covey
Why Invest in Continuing EducationS. Covey
7 Habit of Highly Effective PeopleStephen Covey
Evaluate Where You AREZig Ziglar
Having A Balanced LifeZig Ziglar
Setting GoalsZig Ziglar


Escape The Prison of Your MindE. Tolle
Not Reacting to ContentEckhart Tolle
Breaking the Habit of Excessive Thinking
The Simple Truth in Human Existence
The Mystery of Consciousness - D. Chopra
Nature of the MindDalai Lama
The Importance of a Calm Mind-Dalai Lama
The Power of Consciousness-Bruce Lipton
Don’t Be AlertAlan Watts
Learning That Transform Consciousness
Can the Brain Be Totally Free- Krishnamurti
ThoughtsGregg Braden
Gregg Braden on Consciousness
Imagination: Key to Higher MindBashar
The Physical MindBashar


Why We Do What We Do, & To Do It Better
Power EmotionsAnthony Robbins
Dissolve Egoic-Self by Non Identification
Healthy Self EsteemEckhart Tolle
Being Yourself – Eckhart Tolle
Are Thoughts the Source of the Ego?
The Fictitious Sense of Self – Eckhart Tolle
The Simple Truth - Eckhart Tolle
Sexuality Instinctive Impulse -Eckhart Tolle
Why the Mind Constantly Seek Pleasure
The Origin of FearKrishnamurti
Winning The LotteryBashar
Letting Go – Bashar
It’s Possible – Les Brown
Doing What You Love or What You Have To



The Power of IntentionWayne Dyer
How to be a NO Limit PersonWayne Dyer
How to get What You Really WantW. Dyer
Behind Every Thought is an Energy-W. Dyer
What the Mind Can Conceive Will Achieve
Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessD. Chopra
How to Find a Leader WithinD. Chopra
Be DeterminedDalai Lama
Jim Rohn on Imagination
The Day That Turn Your Life Around
Using EFT and The Law of Attraction
Unwrap Your Infinite GreatnessLes Brown
Attitude Makes All the Difference-Z. Ziglar


Without a Shadow of ControlKrishnamurti
The Healing Power of Emotions - Gregg Braden
Seven Laws of YogaDeepak Chopra
Grow Younger, Live Longer - Deepak Chopra


Be Bold & Turn OFF the Dream Stealer
You Got to be HUNGRY - Les Brown
Why Fire Your Boss & Live Your Dreams
Excuse ListLes Brown
People Who Drag You Down - Les Brown >>more motivation & inspiration videos



Finding Motivation – Les Brown
Do the Best You Can - Jim Rohn
Take Charge of Your Life - Jim Rohn
The Power of Ambition – Jim Rohn
Seasons - Jim Rohn



How to Find Your Life’s PurposeE. Tolle
New SpiritualityEckhart Tolle & Oprah
Oneness is Loving PolarityGregg Braden
2012 ASCENSIONGregg Braden
The God CodeGregg Braden
Your Ultimate CallingWayne Dyer
Your Divine Purpose - Wayne Dyer
Oprah’s Soul SeriesWayne Dyer
Conquer Your SelfDalai Lama
The Now VibrationBashar
15 Minutes CountingBashar
Believing is SeeingBashar
The Trap of Seeking - Alan Watts
Playing the IllusionAlan Watts
A Conversation With MyselfAlan Watts
The Web of LifeAlan Watts
Don’t Be AlertAlan Watts
Zen: The Best of Alan Watts
The Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti
Circumstances Don’t Matter - Bashar
Finding Your Highest ExcitementBashar
The Span: 2010-2015Bashar
Abundance & Trusting What IsBashar


_Relaxation & Meditation Music

Buddhist Love Songs (23 min)
Amazon Rainforest Sounds
Relaxing Rain on Metal Roof (1 h)
Relaxing Piano Rain Music (10 min)
Relaxing Nature Scene – Relaxing Aquarium
Waterfall Nature Scene (14 min)
Nature: Perfect Beach Sunset (30m)
Nature Sounds: Wave Sounds (1 h)
Costa Rica Rainforest (1 h)

>>more music

Relaxing Piano: Linkin Park In the End Relaxing Music: Slow Down by Paul Collier
Relaxing Music: Instrumental Piano
Relaxing Music: Kenny G – The Moment
Winter Sonata – Piano & Violin
Instrumental: Healing Power of the Hang
Relaxing Instrumental: Guitar – Silent Star
Nature Sounds: Sunrise with Birds (15 min)
Nature Sounds: Light Rain (1 h)


Zen: The Best of Alan Watts
How to Sleep Better?
Quantum Communication
What the Bleep do we Know!?
Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s of Women
The Brain: A Secret History
The Lost World of Lake Vostok
Athene’s Theory of Everything
The New Roswell
Gary: Young, Psychic and Possessed
Ancient Aliens: Season 1
Discovery Atlas: India Revealed
College Conspiracy
The American Dream
Contempt of Conscience
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
How Beer Saved the World

Waking Life
A Guide to Happiness
Philosophy and the Matrix
How Will We Love?
The Teachings of Jiddu Krishamurti
Philosophers: Intro to Western Philosophy
The Brain: Our Universe Within
Why We Believe in God(s)
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Faster than the Speed of Light
The Code:Numbers, Shapes, & Predictions
Are We Alone in the Universe?
The Life of Muhammad
The Miracles of Jesus
Secrets of the Koran
Amongst White Clouds
Is Religion A Force For Good in the World?
The Untold Story of the Bible

>>more documentaries
more coming soon.


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